[blfs-dev] [blfs-book] r11616 - trunk/BOOK/x/lib

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Sun Aug 11 14:56:57 PDT 2013

Armin K. wrote:
> On 11.8.2013 23:24, bdubbs at higgs.linuxfromscratch.org wrote:
>> Author: bdubbs
>> Date: Sun Aug 11 14:24:18 2013
>> New Revision: 11616
>> Log:
>> Add alternate Qt5 build instructions

> I still have no idea why you added these instructions when you still
> symlink the binaries into /usr/bin. I find it pointless. Since yet
> nothing uses Qt5 (no desktop and such), it can be easily overwriten
> without any problems in /usr.

Planing for the future.  I thought about mentioning changing the PATH, 
but decided the user could figure that out.

> Also, qtchooser won't work for this one.

Really?  I figured that the only thing needed would be to

cat > /etc/xdg/qtchooser/5.conf << "EOF"

That said, I've never liked the 'alternative' scripts.  It's easier to 
just change the PATH.

I've also thought about making the path functions in /etc/profile 
persistent.  Then the qtchooser would be simply

pathremove old-qt-path; pathprepend new-qt-path


pathprepend alternate-qt-path
do build
pathremove alternate-qt-path

Another option would be to just change the /opt/qt symlink, but that 
requires being root.

   -- Bruce

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