[blfs-dev] transmission

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Sat Aug 10 13:41:18 PDT 2013

I've been looking at transmission's update from 2.82 -> 2.82.
The main program seems to build OK, but the gtk window is ugly.

The qt client is another matter.  It now requires Qt5. I built Qt5 after 
a few false starts.  Since I have Xorg in /opt/xorg, it didn't honor 
pkgconfig in all cases and I needed to add:

pathappend $XORG_PREFIX/lib             LIBRARY_PATH
pathappend $XORG_PREFIX/include         C_INCLUDE_PATH
pathappend $XORG_PREFIX/include         CPLUS_INCLUDE_PATH

to /etc/profile.d/xorg.sh.  I also installed Qt5 in /opt/qt-5.1.0.  The 
configure command was:

./configure -confirm-license      \
             -opensource           \
             -release              \
             -prefix /opt/qt-5.1.0 \
             -nomake demos         \
             -nomake examples      \
             -optimized-qmake      \
             -opengl es2           \

All of the libraries are prefixed with libQt5, e.g. libQt5Gui.so.  There 
is a conflict with programs like qmake, so the order of the directories 
in PATH is critical and changes if a program like KDE wants to link to 
Qt4 or transmission which want Qt5.

Building the transmission qt client was not hard:

export PATH=/opt/qt-5.1.0/bin:$PATH
cd qt
qmake qtr.pro
INSTALL_ROOT=/tmp/transmission/install make install

The Qt5 interface for transmission is much nicer than the gtk interface.

The question is how to handle this in the book.  Add another page for 
Qt5?  Just skip the Qt version of transmission?  Something else?

   -- Bruce

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