[blfs-dev] A patch proposal

Denis Mugnier myou72 at orange.fr
Fri Aug 9 14:33:14 PDT 2013

On 08/09/13 01:00, Armin K. wrote:
> Okay, commited this and python split. Next time please use the spacing
> for xinclude as I put it. For python modules, it was a mess. They
> weren't even aligned. Also, please try not to leave spaces in empty
> lines between xincludes.
> Bruce, X drivers commit mail is waiting for approval because it's too big.
Thanks to commit these patches.
It is a big simplification to translate these 2 files.

For the perl-modules.xml file, I think that is not logical to do this 
split. Because, for each module, there is only one description of the 
module, no build instructions.

However, I noticed that it was missing the lfs73_checked tag in the file 



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