[blfs-dev] A patch proposal

Denis Mugnier myou72 at orange.fr
Tue Aug 6 14:42:53 PDT 2013


The BLFS book is a very great project. And I'm glad to translate the 
book into french.

Some files like python-modules.xml for example are very large and I 
think that would be better to split theses files.

Benefits :
     - easier to translate (it is very difficult to find a change line 
2050 for example)
     - easier to modify and maintain
     - easier to add or remove a module and deal with different releases 
of Python
     - html rendering is the same

Disadvantage :
    - more files

If you agree with my idea, I can split other large files 
(perl-modules.xml; x7driver.xml; other ?)

The patch is attached.

Best regards,

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