[blfs-dev] Planning ahead

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Sun Aug 4 09:30:47 PDT 2013

Armin K. wrote:

> For your information, my current system was built several days ago (more
> than 900 source packages) using LFS-SVN 20130711 as a base (no toolchain
> changes). Only major change that happened was Bison 3.0 which I've heard
> breaks Mesa build which I haven't updated yet. Only newer thing that I
> use is Linux Kernel which is at 3.11-rc4 here since Radeon power
> management landed there. I can tag lot of packages for LFS 7.4 (the
> current svn) since I haven't noticed any serious issues out there.

Lets hold off on the LFS 7.4 tagging until LFS-7.4-rc1 is released.

   -- Bruce

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