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akhiezer lfs65 at cruziero.com
Sun Aug 4 09:29:26 PDT 2013

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> akhiezer wrote:
> >> Date: Sat, 03 Aug 2013 18:07:43 -0500
> >> From: Bruce Dubbs <bruce.dubbs at gmail.com>
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> >> Subject: [blfs-dev] Planning ahead
> >>
> >> We have reached a milestone.  The SVN versions of both LFS and BLFS are
> >> now up to date.  There are no major outstanding issues that need to be
> >> fixed.
> >>
> >> There are a couple of minor changes that I have to LFS, but those will
> >> be committed soon, but are not critical.  KDE is slightly out of date,
> >> but a new version is due anyway in the next two weeks.
> >>
> >> Of course, upstream will continue to release additional updates and we
> >> need to stay on top of that, but keeping up is a lot less problem than
> >> getting caught up from being behind on literally hundreds of packages.
> >>
> >> With that in mind, I would like to freeze LFS (mostly) on August 15 and
> >> release LFS-7.4-rc1.  The target date for LFS-7.4 will be 1 September.
> >> During the freeze period, some packages may be updated, but not gcc,
> >> binutils, or glibc.  Any update in the freeze period will be considered
> >> by the impact to the rest of the books - both LFS and BLFS.
> >>
> >> In that two week period, beyond normal fixes, I propose to start
> >> rebuilding BLFS and marking packages for lfs74.  Shortly after the LFS
> >> release, I'd like to produce a 'stable' BLFS-7.4 with all packages in
> >> BLFS tested against the new LFS.  Then sometime in September we can
> >> release BLFS-7.4.
> >>
> >> Comments?
> >>
> >
> >
> > Could you (or whomever) take the current-revision (or similar) blfs-svn, and
> > cut a 'blfs-svn-rNNNNN-lfs73_allchecked', with xml src and with rendered html
> > & pdf, plus relevant auxiliary stuff like bootscripts/patches/&c, and put it in
> > its own directory under '/downloads/....' on the web? Like was done for
> > blfs/lfs-72 back in early Nov 2012.
> I can do that, but is it needed if we are going to do a full release in 
> the next month of so?

The main point is that (aiui) the blfs rel in Sept will be matched to lfs-7.4: 
whereas right now the work has more-or-less all been done for a blfs rel that's 
matched to lfs-7.3; so it seems sensible to snapshot the latter.

> > That's assuming that the 'lfs73_allchecked' is accurate, and there's not
> > (too m)any packages still at earlier (e.g. lfs72_checked) or later (e.g.
> > lfs-svn_checked) status.
> There are no lfs72 tags left.  The only thing right now is some KDE 
> packages that are slightly older than the latest, but they have been 
> checked for lfs73.
> > Or if not for the right-now current blfs-svn, then at least for the final
> > revision (or similar - whichever makes most sense) before any blfs packages
> > start transitioning to 'lfs74_{built,checked,...}' status.
> >
> >
> > I know that blfs-7.4 is mooted for a month or two away: but right now (or in a
> > few weeks' time, per preceding para) if you've got a reasonably-'completed'
> > blfs-7.3 in all but name, then I'd say it makes sense to snapshot that per above.
> Perhaps.  Adding a tag is no big deal.  A few other tasks associated may 
> be reasonable.

I'm aware that it's other folks' time that'd be spent on such items. At the 
same time, again, I'd think it strange if folks' work in reaching such a 
milestone, is not marked along the lines suggested, and instead is promptly 
kindof buried by building new material over the top of it. Otherwise, why did 
anyone endeavour to get specifically to 'lfs73_allchecked' state - and why is 
it announced as a milestone? ;P


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