[blfs-dev] Planning ahead

Wayne Blaszczyk wblaszcz at bigpond.net.au
Sat Aug 3 20:38:34 PDT 2013

On 04/08/13 13:15, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> Wayne Blaszczyk wrote:
>> On 04/08/13 09:07, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
>>> We have reached a milestone.  The SVN versions of both LFS and BLFS are
>>> now up to date.  There are no major outstanding issues that need to be
>>> fixed.
>>> There are a couple of minor changes that I have to LFS, but those will
>>> be committed soon, but are not critical.  KDE is slightly out of date,
>>> but a new version is due anyway in the next two weeks.
>>> Of course, upstream will continue to release additional updates and we
>>> need to stay on top of that, but keeping up is a lot less problem than
>>> getting caught up from being behind on literally hundreds of packages.
>>> With that in mind, I would like to freeze LFS (mostly) on August 15 and
>>> release LFS-7.4-rc1.  The target date for LFS-7.4 will be 1 September.
>>> During the freeze period, some packages may be updated, but not gcc,
>>> binutils, or glibc.  Any update in the freeze period will be considered
>>> by the impact to the rest of the books - both LFS and BLFS.
>>> In that two week period, beyond normal fixes, I propose to start
>>> rebuilding BLFS and marking packages for lfs74.  Shortly after the LFS
>>> release, I'd like to produce a 'stable' BLFS-7.4 with all packages in
>>> BLFS tested against the new LFS.  Then sometime in September we can
>>> release BLFS-7.4.
>>> Comments?
>>>     -- Bruce
>> I'm curious about what are the plans for GNOME in a stable BLFS.
>> Is it going to be completely removed since it incomplete? or will there
>> be some kind of note stating that it is incomplete?
> GNOME 2 is obsolete and unsupported with newer suport libraries like 
> glib.  GNOME 3 appears to depend on systemd, so if there is enough 
> interest in supporting the systemd branh, then gnome will be suppored 
> there.
>    -- Bruce

So is the GNOME chapter going to be removed from the main branch?


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