[blfs-dev] Planning ahead

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Sat Aug 3 16:07:43 PDT 2013

We have reached a milestone.  The SVN versions of both LFS and BLFS are 
now up to date.  There are no major outstanding issues that need to be 

There are a couple of minor changes that I have to LFS, but those will
be committed soon, but are not critical.  KDE is slightly out of date, 
but a new version is due anyway in the next two weeks.

Of course, upstream will continue to release additional updates and we 
need to stay on top of that, but keeping up is a lot less problem than 
getting caught up from being behind on literally hundreds of packages.

With that in mind, I would like to freeze LFS (mostly) on August 15 and 
release LFS-7.4-rc1.  The target date for LFS-7.4 will be 1 September.
During the freeze period, some packages may be updated, but not gcc, 
binutils, or glibc.  Any update in the freeze period will be considered 
by the impact to the rest of the books - both LFS and BLFS.

In that two week period, beyond normal fixes, I propose to start 
rebuilding BLFS and marking packages for lfs74.  Shortly after the LFS 
release, I'd like to produce a 'stable' BLFS-7.4 with all packages in 
BLFS tested against the new LFS.  Then sometime in September we can 
release BLFS-7.4.


   -- Bruce

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