[blfs-dev] New packages today from upstream

Armin K. krejzi at email.com
Fri Aug 2 06:00:37 PDT 2013

On 08/02/2013 02:51 PM, Armin K. wrote:
> On 08/02/2013 02:45 PM, Igor Živković wrote:
>> On 2013-08-02 14:40, Armin K. wrote:
>>> Mesa 9.2 will be released soon anyways. I'll hack it. Upstream mesa
>>> doesn't support r600 since no one backported the patches into 9.1 that
>>> went into 9.2 (as I did for the book). I didn't notice any problems 
>>> with
>>> r600 and llvm 3.3 though. Not sure about radeonsi.
>> Me neither, your patch still applies cleanly. I guess you'll just have 
>> to remove that configure check.
> I guess it's r600-llvm-compiler which is broken, but we don't enable
> that by default. Compiling Mesa now.

Okay, hacked it to build, r600 works fine (no llvm backend enabled) but
llvmpipe (llvm accelerated software rasterizer) performance is more than
terrible. Lets hope no one uses it on a daily basis.


It's a discrete card (hybrid graphics laptop) so that's why performance
is so terrible - same with 9.2 git from several days ago.

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