[blfs-dev] Perhaps, I could help more (Was: [BLFS Trac] #3880: IcedTea Web 1.4)

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Thu Aug 1 18:16:07 PDT 2013

Fernando de Oliveira wrote:

> I would be glad to maintain some pages in BLFS, as editor. Five pages,
> partcularly, not many people want to do:
> OpenJDK/Icedtea
> Icedtea-Web
> Seamonkey
> sane
> xsane.

That would be wonderful.  The only current outstanding package is xsane. 
  If you've already done it, the only thing it needs is to update the 
lfs tag.

I'm doing Seamonkey right now and it should be done in the next hour if 
there are no complications.

> I was thinking that I could start by trying to do one.

> Another thing, in the beginning, I could submit the patches to dev or
> ticket, and only after agreement, I would submit.

No, just commit.  We can always revert problems.


   -- Bruce

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