[blfs-dev] other filesystem utilities

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Mon Feb 27 21:32:38 PST 2012

Nathan Coulson wrote:
> There's been some conversation about new packages in BLFS.  There are
> a few which I use myself, but never suggested them until now as I
> never really considered them as useful in a pure LFS environment.
> (great for me, but most likely not blfs material.)
> I thought I'd mention them though, if there was any interest.  (I do
> admit,  would be handy seeing them in BLFS)

I don't have any interest, but I can see where some might.  If you want 
to add the pages, it's OK with me.

> **dosfstools**

Chapter 5  File Systems and Disk Management

> **ntfsprogs**

Chapter 5  File Systems and Disk Management

> **gptfdisk**

As you say, we have parted so this is redundant.  OTOH, we have multiple 
browsers, window managers, etc.

> ** Final Observations **
> dosfs, I can see some use.  efi partitions I believe are fat based, as
> well as some flash/usb media.

I think you are mixing up partitioning and formatting.  efi is an 
interface spec.  Part of that spec is GPT which is a partitioning scheme.

   -- Bruce

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