[blfs-dev] other filesystem utilities

Nathan Coulson conathan at gmail.com
Mon Feb 27 20:50:51 PST 2012

There's been some conversation about new packages in BLFS.  There are
a few which I use myself, but never suggested them until now as I
never really considered them as useful in a pure LFS environment.
(great for me, but most likely not blfs material.)

I thought I'd mention them though, if there was any interest.  (I do
admit,  would be handy seeing them in BLFS)

(the .bz2 one seems to actually be gzipped)

make && make PREFIX=/usr install
comes w/ mkdosfs and dosfsck and dosfslabel


Optionally can use fuse, to install a ntfs fuse driver.  (Which has
better write support then the builtin kernel driver)
./configure --prefix=/usr && make && make install

comes with
ntfsfix ntfsinfo ntfscluster ntfsls ntfscat ntfscmp mkntfs ntfslabel
ntfsundelete ntfsresize ntfsclone ntfscp  [I use ntfsclone, and

I suppose we already have parted for handing gpt in blfs, but this is
the utility I prefer.

make && install -m755 gdisk cgdisk sgdisk fixparts  /usr/sbin

comes with gdisk (like fdisk), cgdisk, and sgdisk as well as fixparts
[not sure what fixparts does yet].

It seems to want a library called icuio, and icuuc.  I think it has to
do with UTF16,  but disabled in the Makefile to allow it to build.
(patch attacked)

** Final Observations **
dosfs, I can see some use.  efi partitions I believe are fat based, as
well as some flash/usb media.
ntfs,I use it for windows recovery/setup.  not exactly what LFS/BLFS
was designed for.
gptfdisk, I suppose blfs has been doing fine without it until now
*shrug*, and parted does the job just fine.

Nathan Coulson (conathan)
Location: British Columbia, Canada
Timezone: PST (-8)
Webpage: http://www.nathancoulson.com
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