[blfs-dev] gnucash brokenness

Armin K. krejzi at email.com
Mon Feb 27 03:33:31 PST 2012

I'm sorry for mailing like this, but somehow I managed to send email before I finished writing it. Dumb webmail.

Anyways, let's continue

GNUCash was configured with

./configure --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc --localstatedir=/var --libexecdir=/usr/lib --enable-ofx --enable-dbi --enable-python-bindings

(Do note I have libdbi and libofx installed as well as python 2.7)

I use pcre 8.21 and hence there's no need for sed here. Alternatively, there isn't pcre 8.30 on their sourceforge page, so I guess it may not be ready just yet.

Also, I use libgsf-1.14.22, and indeed it doesn't provide -gnome library nor gconf schema files.

goffice version is 0.8.17, compiled without any problems.

I don't compile gnome according to book instructions but to my own. As I stated in some earlier mails, I don't like /etc/gnome/whatever ... I keep everything in /etc so that means I have /etc/gconf not /etc/gnome/whatever/gconf

Of course, I have also gnome deprecated packages which are necesary. Why do some people have such urge to remove them? There aren't that long obsoleted and also have been that much long there for many apps to use it. Porting away from it will take time. So, just keep it, they don't hurt. You keeped GTK+1 for a long time and you didn't complain, did you? 
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First, you welcome.

Anyways, I think I got gnucash to work with guile 2.0.5 ... (For some values of work)

I'm attaching patch here if anyone is willing to try it. Note: I am no programmer, I just put some online tips together.

I installed slib-3b3 according to archlinux PKGBUILD (yes, I use some kind packages), but gnucash configure failed because it couldn't find it. Then I looked on how configure checks it and I tried it manually (This all was done as normal user) and I got permission denied to write to guile catalogue.

Then I executed guile -c "(use-modules (ice-9 slib)) (require 'printf)" as root user which gnucash configure script does, and everything was ok.

GNUCash was configured with 

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> in goffice-0.8.17:
>       sed -i -e \
>       's/pcre_info (r, NULL,
> NULL)/pcre_fullinfo (r, NULL, 0, NULL)/' \
>       goffice/utils/regutf8.c


1. Thank again Armin for the direction to this.

2. Added /opt/deadparrot/bin to the end of PATH.


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