[blfs-dev] gnucash brokenness

Armin K. krejzi at email.com
Mon Feb 27 03:24:41 PST 2012

First, you welcome.

Anyways, I think I got gnucash to work with guile 2.0.5 ... (For some values of work)


I'm attaching patch here if anyone is willing to try it. Note: I am no programmer, I just put some online tips together.

I installed slib-3b3 according to archlinux PKGBUILD (yes, I use some kind packages), but gnucash configure failed because it couldn't find it. Then I looked on how configure checks it and I tried it manually (This all was done as normal user) and I got permission denied to write to guile catalogue.

Then I executed guile -c "(use-modules (ice-9 slib)) (require 'printf)" as root user which gnucash configure script does, and everything was ok.

GNUCash was configured with 

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> in goffice-0.8.17:
>       sed -i -e \
>       's/pcre_info (r, NULL,
> NULL)/pcre_fullinfo (r, NULL, 0, NULL)/' \
>       goffice/utils/regutf8.c


1. Thank again Armin for the direction to this.

2. Added /opt/deadparrot/bin to the end of PATH.


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