[blfs-dev] Rox Filer

Ken Moffat zarniwhoop at ntlworld.com
Thu Feb 23 07:27:15 PST 2012

On Wed, Feb 22, 2012 at 08:01:20PM -0600, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> Andrew Benton wrote:
> > 
> > Thanks. I need some advice about where to put it in the book. Somewhere
> > in the xsoft seems appropriate, but it's not an office program (is the
> > gimp an office program?) or a web browser or an internet program.
> > Should I make another folder for graphical file managers? Or would it
> > fit better somewhere else?
> Section 39 is "Other X-based Internet Programs".  Perhaps we should drop 
> the word 'Internet' and put it there.
 Seems a reasonable idea.  I don't imagine we're going to have many
new miscellaneous X applications which don't fit with one of the
DEs or in audio/video applications.  Also, I wouldn't get upset if
the gimp was moved to 'Other X-based Programs'.

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