[blfs-dev] gnome-3 : without hamster-applet

Ken Moffat zarniwhoop at ntlworld.com
Tue Feb 21 17:36:00 PST 2012

 The hamster applet is a time-tracker tool.  From what I can
find, there was no migration path for gnome-2 applets to get to
gnome-3.  So, the last version is 2.91.2.  Some distros (e.g. Suse)
are shipping this.  Being binary, they can continue to use old
Python modules without worrying about how to compile them.  It's a
development release, but it appears within the official package list
for 3.2.

 Unfortunately, because it's python prog (arguably, it's a python
module, but the distinction of what is and isn't a module is less
than clear for python : this one uses ./waf to build) you only know
that you've provided all the runtime module dependencies when you
manage to run it.

 It says it can be used in two ways:
(a) cd src; ./hamster-applet -w
(b) ./waf --prefix=/usr configure build
 and then as root ./waf install

 Installing it gives three programs, hamster-cli, hamster-service,

 These four variants (running without installing, the three progs)
stop because they are variously missing: gnomeapplet, pk-gtk,
pysqlite3, gconf modules.

gnomeapplet came from gnome-panel-2

pk-gtk is not mentioned in the book, as far as I can see, might be

pysqlite3 is not mentioned anywhere, except on BSD, but I found a
pysqlite-2.6.3 at pypi.python.org

gconf came from Gnome-Python

 I would not be unduly surprised if they turned out to need more.
Certainly, hamster-cli needs gtk (which is ok, still in the book for
the moment) and pango which appears to be related to PyGTK but so
far I haven't found where it comes from.

 It looks as if Gnome-Python and gnome-panel-2 would require me to
reinstate a large chunk of the gnome-2 packages to be able to build
them (quick look at the old gnome-2 version of the book).

 Meanwhile, it looks as if development for hamster-applet resumed
this month, although probably too late for gnome-3.4.

 I'm inclined to comment out hamster-applet, until such time as it
actually gets a stable 3.x version.  Any objections ?

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