[blfs-dev] A question on tags

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Tue Feb 21 15:43:29 PST 2012

Ken Moffat wrote:
>  At the moment, we have two varieties of tags for past LFS-releases
> : built (known to build, but has not been tested), and checked
> (builds, and works properly).  Am I alone in wondering if there is a
> case for something in the middle, such as 'builds, and seems to
> work'?
>  For packages I usually use, I hope I can determine if a package
> works properly.  For many of the others, I have no idea how to tell
> when it is being used.  But for some, I can tell that they appear
> to work, but with sufficient roughness (e.g. yesterday, accerciser -
> traceback error messages in the first tab that opens, and most of the
> functions in the second pane marked as unimplemented;  today,
> file-roller - opens archive contents, but opening source files passes
> them to abiword which doesn't always manage to open what was passed
> for .c and .h files : right clicking for ópen with' says there is no
> suitable program, but allows me to choose other programs - gedit
> then shows, above a list of "well, it's a program, but it won't know
> what to do" desktop applications, and opening in gedit is fine.
>  So, this *might*, for all I know, be the current state of "works
> properly" but I think it would be much better to just say that it
> seems to work - at least that is a step up from "I built it, but no
> idea if it works" ?

I don't do a lot of user testing if it's not a package I usually use. 
If the program starts, then it works as far as I'm concerned.  We may 
have a configuration problem, but that can be fixed if we find it.  It's 
not our purpose to do extensive user testing.

For instance, if I build alsa, getting the speaker test to play white 
noise is enough for me.  For ssh, can I connect to another system?  How 
about Gimp?  Start it, scribble something, and save it is enough.

Doing something like Gnome is really hard.  You are trying to be 
complete, but don't know a lot of the programs.  Sometimes built and not 
tested is the right thing to say.  It just depends on your comfort 
level, but I really don't want to add a third tag.

   -- Bruce

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