[blfs-dev] initramfs

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at lightcubesolutions.com
Tue Feb 21 12:14:00 PST 2012

On 2/21/12 3:03 PM, Jeremy Huntwork wrote:
> On 2/21/12 2:49 PM, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
>>> As an example, look at this init:
>>> https://github.com/jhuntwork/LightCube-OS/blob/master/packages/mkinitramfs/init.in
>> Well that's certainly easier than dracut. I would want to add UUID and
>> LABEL capabilities.
> Actually, the UUID stuff "just works" the last I checked. You simply
> have to use the UUID="..." in /etc/fstab and root=UUID=... in the boot
> prompt. It used to be that grub-mkconfig would generate that correctly
> if your images were appropriately named. Haven't tested it lately.

If you want to give it a test run, you could build a kernel with modules 
for all the file systems and all root devices (you can't quite do 
allmodconfig, there's some options the kernel allows as modules that 
udev needs - well, you could, but you'd have to specifically load those 
first in the init). You could start with something like this, which uses 
modules wherever possible:


It's for, so you may need to use 'make oldconfig first'. Build 
that, install it, use the mkinitramfs script and try booting into it 
with the initrd line and your UUID settings, see if it works for you.


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