[blfs-dev] initramfs

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at lightcubesolutions.com
Tue Feb 21 12:03:02 PST 2012

On 2/21/12 2:49 PM, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
>> As an example, look at this init:
>> https://github.com/jhuntwork/LightCube-OS/blob/master/packages/mkinitramfs/init.in
> Well that's certainly easier than dracut.  I would want to add UUID and
> LABEL capabilities.

Actually, the UUID stuff "just works" the last I checked. You simply 
have to use the UUID="..." in /etc/fstab and root=UUID=... in the boot 
prompt. It used to be that grub-mkconfig would generate that correctly 
if your images were appropriately named. Haven't tested it lately.

>> And the script that creates the image:
>> https://github.com/jhuntwork/LightCube-OS/blob/master/packages/mkinitramfs/mkinitramfs.orig
> That looks like a good starting point too.  The scripts are right on the
> edge of just including in the book or creating a separate package.  My
> inclination is to put in the book for educational purposes.

Sure, feel free. It probably also needs to be modified for the latest 
udev and family.

> A separate page with dracut without a lot of detail may be appropriate.
>    The 'About initramfs' page then would present the concepts and use
> these scripts as a vehicle for explanation.

Sure, that could work.


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