[blfs-dev] wpa_supplicant

Andrew Benton b3nton at gmail.com
Mon Feb 20 16:13:28 PST 2012

On Mon, 20 Feb 2012 20:56:42 +0000
Matt Burgess <matthew at linuxfromscratch.org> wrote:

> So far, I've only been able to try to sort through the dependency
> hierarchy in order to get this to build.  Here are my notes:
> Required Dependencies:
> libnl-3
> Optional dependencies:
> One of openssl, gnutls or nss (looking at the Makefile, these are
> optional, as it includes an internal tls lib that could be used instead.
> That said, we may want to promote one of openssl/gnutls as required).

Yes, those should be optional (recommended?) dependencies. It will
build without them, I've always had openssl installed and it just picks
it up automatically. I've just tried CONFIG_TLS=gnutls and the build
failed. It seems that it's trying to use some functions that have been

> pcap (if CONFIG_L2_PACKET is defined in .config)

CONFIG_L2_PACKET=pcap requires libdnet too, the most recent version is
7 years old. They should be mentioned as optional deps but I'm not
going to test them.

> pcsc (if CONFIG_PCSC is defined in .config)

defconfig says thats "PC/SC interface for smartcards (USIM, GSM SIM)",
that sounds like a mobile phone thing to me. I'm not convinced that
adds anything for someone using a netbook/laptop/computer. Mind you I
don't know much about half of the options I've enabled. 

> in .config. If putting those in, you probably want

CONFIG_CTRL_IFACE_DBUS_NEW makes it link to dbus. I'm not sure what it
adds. I worry that dbus may be a security risk but it's probably just
paranoia ;)
I think CONFIG_CTRL_IFACE_DBUS_INTRO is for gobject introspection. I
have no idea what goo that will do.

> You may want to consider adding CONFIG_READLINE as well - it's installed
> by LFS, so we may as well use it, right?

That's for wpa_cli, the control interface, makes sense if it gives us a
history of the commands entered.

> Do we also want to use CONFIG_IPV6?  It brings in no additional
> dependencies and makes us ipv6-ready (or at least less anti-ipv6!).

Fair enough.

I'll look at it again tomorrow and If no one's objected I'll add it to
the book. Thanks for your help and advice.


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