[blfs-dev] GNOME 3 Update.

Ken Moffat zarniwhoop at ntlworld.com
Sun Feb 19 11:47:17 PST 2012

On Sun, Feb 19, 2012 at 10:17:14AM -0500, Armin K. wrote:
> I saw recently a mail that gnome core packages are done. Here are some updates for it.
> In gtk+3 instructions, gnome-themes-standard still links to upstream package.
 Thanks, I wasn't aware of that.  Fixed.
> caribou is missing link to pyatspi2.
 Thanks.  I thought I'd done that but in the end I got so lost in
moving pyatspi2 to the python modules page that I overlooked it.
Fixed now.
> I am not sure about version of VALA in the book, but version in gnome 3.0 requires --enable-vapigen to build vapigen which is required by folks and telepathy-glib.
 0.14.1.  I was building that before I became aware of Wayne's
gnome-3 work.  It doesn't need any extra switches to build vapigen,
just --prefix=/usr.

 In general, the easiest way to check versions is to look at
> ATK optionally depends on gobject-introspection to build it's bindings.
> Same for clutter and GConf.

> Missing short descriptions of installed files: gjs, libpeas, seed, liboauth, p11kit, gnome-accounts, NetworkManager, mutter, gnome-shell, network-manager-applet, gnome-contacts, clutter-gst, sushi, at-spi2-core, aisleriot
 I documented sol from aisleriot!  More generally, these sorts of
details are part of what remains to be done.  For many of the
libraries, and even some of the programs, it's very hard to find any
description anywhere so I'll probably just comment-out or remove the
skeletal short descriptions if nothing turns up.

 Not a priority while other gnome/additional packages remain, but if
anyone knows what the undocumented progs or libs do, please speak up.
> glib-networking requires --libexecdir parameter to, eg $GNOME_PREFIX/lib/glib-networking if compiling with libproxy support (glib-pacrunner resides there)
 OK, I can reinstate that.  I built libproxy on a different machine
(I loathe cmake) so I don't have that file.

> libgsf hasn't still being upgraded. New versions don't build gconf data, nor -gnome library.
 The version of libgsf (1.14.21) is good enough for the versions of
gnumeric and abiword that are in the book.  When I built it in
November or December (thinking that the gnome-2 deps for those
packages were a good idea - later experience showed they gave me
nothing) I got libgsf-gnome-1 and gconf data.

> I am not sure what is packagekit doing in the book. Gnome 3.2 can build just fine without it. Yet there isn't any package manager in LFS/BLFS. Maybe few packages require --disable-packagekit for not to call it later.

 The packages that have gone in are either part of the 'official'
gnome-3.2, or dependencies.  Gnome-packagekit is part of the
official collection of packages.  For a long while, it was thought
desirable that BLFS should include all of gnome.  This is one of
those cases where people need to be careful what they ask for.
It's also optional for gnome-settings-daemon.  I agree that most
BLFS builders will not have any use for it.

 Since I've only built gnome with all of the shell packages, I don't
know which can be omitted.  If in doubt, I added optional deps to
make sure I didn't miss anything.
> gnome-menus doesn't really require --sysconfdir.

 Isn't it used to control where xdg/menus/applications.menu is
installed ?
> libnullbackend in polkit requires description. Aditionaly, if using Linux PAM authentification with polkit, new pam file is required. In fact, just include system stuff for password, account, auth and session there.
 No idea what it does (in any case, that's a 'phase 2' task, like
the other descriptions). I can't comment on PAM, haven't built it
> libpolkit-gtk-1 isn't installed anymore by polkit-gnome.

> I think that evolution-data-server's libexec dir should be $GNOME_PREFIX/lib/evolution-data-server to avoid creating 2 dirs for one package there. ($GNOME_PREFIX/lib/evolution-data-server is already present)
 Nice catch.
> telepathy-glib isn't optional nor required dependency of nautilus-sendto.
 Agreed.  Thanks.
> gnome-screensaver instructions are wrong. There are no screensavers in it. It just serves as locking program in gnome3. Speaking there, it can't use xscreensaver.
 Dunno - I haven't built PAM so I can't tell what it does.  But, if
it can't use xscreensaver that is yet another example of "removing
functionality" compared to gnome-2.

> Now, regarding gnome session, there is
> cat >> ~/.xinitrc << "EOF"
> exec ck-launch-session dbus-launch --exit-with-session gnome-session
> Yet, ck-launch-session is part of consolekit and it isn't even listed as any kind of dependency.
> Secondly, ConsoleKit starting from 0.4.2 has some kind of bug which prevents it from working correctly. Even if you launch gnome-session with ck-launch-session, you won't still have same privileges, as for mounting devices with gvfs stuff, etc ... Yet gdm, kdm and lightdm know how to handle consolekit nicely.
 Thanks for catching its omission - it's recommended for gdm, but we
don't all use that.  Use a dm if you wish.  I don't intend to make
use of its 'facilities', but if I don't exec it then my first startx
after booting only gives me a background and any apps started from
.xinitrc, the gnome wm doesn't start.

 If ConsoleKit is buggy when started this way, I'm not really
> network-manager-applet has optional dependency on gnome-bluetooth.
> I would recommend using --libexecdir=/usr/lib/telepathy for all telepathy packages hence avoid creating /usr/lib/telepathy-{glib,mission-control,logger,salut} etc ...

 I'll happily go with Wayne's choice on these minor packages.
> The ln -s stuff is wrong for gnome-settings-daemon in gdm instructions. Yet that is a bit ugly. Most major distros patch 3 or 4 files to look in their standard locations, thus avoid creating symlinks.
> gnome-applets definitely don't require hal in any means.
> also, I doubt that gtk3 applets require pygtk2 for some applet.
 Seems unlikely, I'll needto check.

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