[blfs-dev] gtkmm2 and gtkmm3 (gtkmm-2.24.2 and gtkmm-3.3.14)

Ken Moffat zarniwhoop at ntlworld.com
Fri Feb 17 12:07:04 PST 2012

On Fri, Feb 17, 2012 at 10:59:07AM -0800, Fernando de Oliveira wrote:
> So, I learn that I am now running the dev ones? And 3.2.0 is latest? And which 2.* is the latest?

 The last *release* of gnome-2 was, I think, 2.32.  I'm aware that
metacity has 2.34, but that is a gnome-3 fallback package.  In
general, once the move to gnome-3 started, many packages did not get
updated '2' versions (2.9x were development versions for 3.0).

 In general, gnome packages use the odd=development, even=release
convention so 2.30/, 2.32/, 3.0/, 3.2/ were releases but 2.31/ etc
were development.  There are one or two libraries which happen to be
at ftp.gnome.org but seem to follow a different model with 1.5, 1.6,
1.7 etc - for these, it is not clear which, if any, are development.

> >  More importantly - which packages *in the book* can't be built ?
> Sorry, I cannot remember any more. If I do, I will let you know.

 There was a suggestion earlier this week, and it turns out Andy
knows of a couple of packages which aren't in the book and need
gtkmm-2.  A quick grep in the current book shows only
gnome-system-monitor referencing gtkmm.  Seems too little ... [/me
swears] - cdrdao references an external link to gtkmm among others,
but those all appear to be the old gnome-2 versions, these are ONLY
for the gcdmaster program.  I build cdrdao, but without those
dependencies, and I suspect that gcdmaster is an obsolete gnome-2
program.  I'm still surprised that nothing else in the book uses
gtkmm - perhaps there will be other users among the additional gnome
> I intend to build the smallest that I can subset of gnome-3, just to get gnucash working, but not today or tomorrow. If it proves to need too many packages or too difficult, I will stick to gnome-2 (probably 2.30.2), as I do not need gnome, and do it just for that package. I have not yet started, though.
 Interesting.  You are the only person who has mentioned using
gnucash in recent years.  As I maybe said the other day, I tried it
once but couldn't get my head around double-entry bookkeeping and
found the package too hard to use as a result.  Its page in the book
has had no love (not even a built-with-lfs-6.5 tag), and I think the
version is very old.

 So, I recommend you try the current version (2.4.10) - this is
definitely a gtk+-2 program - and before you try to build anything
for it, read the configure script.  The aim is to attempt to
identify what is needed, and what is optional - without going down
too many blind alleys for what turn out to be mac or windows

 From my experience with gnumeric and abiword, I would not be very
surprised if you do not need many gnome packages beyond gtk+-2.
Gnumeric benefits from yelp for its included help files, it looks
(from the book's 2.2 version) as if gnucash will be the same - that
DOES mean a chunk of gnome-3 packages, and a long wait while webkit
compiles, but its a runtime assistant so you could build gnucash
first.  For scrollkeeper in the book's dependencies, probably
read rarian (which replaced it) - for gnumeric that is now required,
maybe the same is true for gnucash.  Actually, maybe it's been
required for a long time but nobody noticed because it was always
built by the time they got to gnumeric [ or maybe I'm the only one
building that ].

 Goffice can be built without gnome (except for GConf3) so I hope
gnucash has become similarly detached from old gnome.  OTOH, I see
that PLD, for gnucash-2.4.8, still use libgnome and also
libgnomeprint which I stopped building quite a long time ago.
So, it's possible we'll have to reinstate some other ancient
packages for gnucash.

> For WIW, I rewrite (in the sense of write in a different form) below, the original intention of the post:
 Thanks - I've added the files and directories installed by gtkmm-3 to my 'ToDo' list.

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