[blfs-dev] Git-1.7.9 issues

Thanos Baloukas baloukasthan at sch.gr
Fri Feb 17 09:50:51 PST 2012

Hello everybody
I just subscribed on this list. I hope I can help.

The book states python-2.7.2 as required dependency. I'm not sure if the 
INSTALL source tree's file is up to date, but it says nothing about 
python. Except zlib that is in LFS, it states ssh, Perl, openssl, 
libcurl, expat, Tcl/Tk and gettext as dependencies. I also looked on the 
web and found python as optional for various helper scripts.

I had install git-1.7.9 before it was added to the book. Configured with 
--prefix=/usr it installed files under /usr/libexec/git-core/. So to 
conform with the book's policy, --libexecdir option should be used. I 
checked that if --libexecdir=/usr/lib is passed, installs under

The book has --with-gitconfig=/etc/gitconfig.
configure --help says:

--with-gitconfig=VALUE    Use VALUE instead of /etc/gitconfig as
                           the global git configuration file.
                           If VALUE is not fully qualified it
                           will be interpreted as a path relative
                           to the computed prefix at runtime.

In the first paragraph of source tree's Documentation/config.txt says:

The file `/etc/gitconfig` can be used to store a system-wide default 

So /etc/gitconfig must be the default.

Two possible typos:
If you want to use git svn you will to install Subversion-1.7.1 and its 
perl bindings.
To set the location of the SSL certificates for all just the current user:


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