[blfs-dev] Test Suites

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Thu Feb 16 14:39:23 PST 2012

>>> But instead, I'm going to suggest that we just stop mentioning 
>>> testsuites in BLFS.

>> Or at least make it optional?
> In principle, I think testsuites are awesome; I like the confidence
> they give that the system works as advertised.
> I mean, if you're compiling from source, you need some sort of
> validation that the system works.  I'm guessing you've all run into
> some practical downside.  What is the case against them in BLFS?  I
> would think a system-built-from-source would want some sort of
> validation.  For my own scripts, I solve the problem by adding
> comments in front of the tests.  When I'm debugging my scripts, the
> comments stay in.  When I'm making a "master" build (to deploy across
> VMs, for example), I do the full tested build.

I agree.  There is nothing that requires a user to run the test suites, 
but having them available provides a lot of comfort to many.

   -- Bruce

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