[blfs-dev] LVM2 bootscript

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Mon Feb 13 19:07:12 PST 2012

Qrux wrote:
> LVM2 should have a bootscript and a link in /etc/rc.d/rcS.d; if that
> hasn't been done yet, feel free to include the one I use (which I've
> kept in the LFS/BLFS template).

Thanks for that.

> The meat of it is doing:
> vgscan --mknodes vgchange -a y
> to create the DM entries and then to make each of the discovered
> volumes "available".

Are you sure that's needed?  I was doing some experimentation with a 
non-rootfs lvm scan and it seemed to be persistent.

> And, regarding an earlier issue...*sigh*...Yes, I know that RAID and
> LVM are different subjects.  I was simply suggesting that an LVM
> tutorial might be warranted if a RAID tutorial is to be included, and
> they might go in the same section particularly because LVM has
> RAID-like modes--striped and mirrored--which might be better
> explained in the context--or near to the context--of talking about

Perhaps, but most places I've seen seem to separate them.  Since either 
can be done independently or even simultaneously without combining them, 
I feel having separate pages is the best way to introduce the concepts.

> If we're being pedantic, we might change that section to "Filesystems
> and Disk Management", since LVM and md RAID aren't filesystems.

That seems like a good idea.

> However, on the subject of "tutorials"--despite my personal interest
> in including just such a tutorial for Xen--I think they are a bad
> direction for the book.  There are plenty of resources online; it
> seems like the focus of the book should be to get packages current
> (e.g., as has been done for mdadm, LVM2), and to leave the
> explanations to some other venue like the user-wiki for tutorial-like
> docs.

That's why I don't want to try to make the sections true tutorials, but 
more of an introduction in the LFS context.  That was my approach for 
kvm also.

   -- Bruce

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