[blfs-dev] Why is my message to this list being blocked?

Armin K. krejzi at email.com
Mon Feb 13 06:55:52 PST 2012

On 02/12/2012 06:01 PM, Ken Moffat wrote:
> On Sun, Feb 12, 2012 at 01:02:52AM +0100, Armin K. wrote:
>> On 02/11/2012 11:55 PM, Ken Moffat wrote:
>> Yet libsoup depends on glib-networking and that one isn't even in
>> the book. See for yourself:
>> http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/blfs/view/svn/basicnet/libsoup.html
>   Actually, I'm familiar with what is in the book - I put it there
> the other day, but I haven't fixed up the link yet.  If you look in
> the archives for this list (January) or -support you'll see that I'm
> replacing links by plain text when the target isn't in the book.
> There are more than 190 files mentioned in my list of changes (a few
> were trivial changes, and not all were real packages) - the
> important thing is to keep the book rendering after each commit.
>   At the moment, there might be some of these for old python modules.
> If so, that means I haven't updated the package (the old modules are
> gone). For the new stuff, there are currently some of these plain
> text markers awaiting on pyatspi, libpeas, seed,
> gnome-online-accounts, and gsettings-desktop-schemas.  I'm sure
> there will be more as I add more packages.

I saw that commit already, but this message was sent before it. Sorry.

>> Nah, gnome-media isn't yet ready for gnome 3 ... There is gtk+ 3
>> version only in git iirc. gnome-control-center provides volume
>> applet and configuration through itself.
>   Ah, gnome-control-center.  Thanks.
>> I see that many packages have --localstatedir=/var/lib ... Well,
>> since scrollkeeper is old and not used anymore, that is wrong.
>> Correct database path is now /var/lib/rarian, and it will get
>> correctly installed if --localstatedir path is only /var ... Also,
>> if you specify --disable-scrollkeeper, it won't do anything there.
>   For some, where it jumped out at me, I had already checked and
> removed it if I couldn't see any files.  For others, until yesterday
> I let them go through.  After your earlier comments I'm now
> stripping the scrollkeeper stuff when I spot it.
>> Also, I don't know why many packages still use --prefix=$(pkg-config
>> --variable=prefix ORBit-2.0) ... ORBit2 isn't even required for
>> gnome 3.
>   We have:
> (a) deprecated packages - those which, until at least December, we
> mentioned for gnumeric / abiword.  I asked Wayne to keep these in
> the book.  Ditto gnome-media, which had minimal extra dependencies
> for me, and continued to work in a non-pulse system.
>   Since then, I've proved that for *my* use I'm better without them
> (no change in functions or ui, and the application links to fewer
> libraries). I'm NOT sure if that is true for everyone: some of the
> very-old gnome stuff, where there is a conflict between the versions
> for abiword and gnumeric, is of no interest to me, nor is gnucash
> (built it once, for BLFS-6.3 I think, but couldn't get my head around
> double-entry book-keeping).
>   For these deprecated packages, also gnome-media [ I moved that into
> the audio packages ] there are warnings, and indications that they
> are going to come out of the book - I don't like just dropping whole
> swathes of packages that have been useful, or apparently useful,
> without giving people time to sort out what (if anything) should
> replace them.
> (b) packages which were in gnome-2.30, that I haven't yet updated.

I agree there is need for ORBit2 in deprecated packages, but I think I 
saw --prefix=orbit stuff in some of gnome 3.2 packages, and I wanted to 
say that ORBit2 isn't needed for gnome 3.2, since gconf uses gdbus 
instead of ORBit2.

>> Now, there is GNOME_SYSCONFDIR variable, but also all packages
>> explicitly define --sysconfdir=/etc/gnome/3.2.2
>   I just went with what Wayne had - the references in
> pre-install-config seemed consistent.
>> --infodir isn't really needed for libgtop, since I don't even
>> remember any gnome package installing .info files.
>   Thanks, noted.
>> Neither --mandir is required in any of gnome packages since man
>> pages are always installed in /usr/share/man
>   For those which I have built, I agree they go into
> ${PREFIX}/share/man.  I've removed mandir when committing them.
> I've also got a note to review this after I've managed to build all
> of them (i.e. first I update the book, now that I've got a working
> non-accelerated desktop, then I go back and build PAM, then gdm, and
> after that I'll do all the other packages.  Is it written anywhere
> in tablets of stone that all gnome packages now use
> ${PREFIX}/share/man ?

It isn't up to gnome, but to autotools. Recent version of autotools 
define man dir at ${PREFIX}/share/man ... And I don't think that RECENT 
gnome packages use OLD autotools ... It would be ridiculous.

>   In the distant past, some packages (I don't even know if any were
> actually part of gnome) used to write to ${PREFIX}/man - on LFS,
> we've always had a symlink for that, but some people thought it was
> important to override the defaults of those packages.  That's where
> we picked that up, and like a distro we carry it forward.
>> libgweather could use --enable-locations-compression to compress
>> location files to save some space.
>   Noted, thanks
>> --libexecdir isn't required for control center.
>   Agreed, I seem to have missed that one.
>> libcanberra configure script mentions not to use oss where alsa is
>> present. --disable-oss is recommended.
>   Noted, thanks
>> gstreamer base plugins have no need for ffmpeg.
>   Seems reasonable, but as I said, understanding the gst configure
> scripts is hard - probalby, too much boilerplate for some of the
> variables.

There is actualy mention of ffmpeg, but it says "dependencyless 

>> eog is missing link to libpeas.
>> epiphany is missing link to seed.
>> http://ftp.acc.umu.se/pub/gnome/sources/seed/ this is correct link
>> by the way.
>   See the beginning of this reply

Seen, sorry again.

>> You can add link to book's network manager in gnome panel.
>   Thanks, I already fixed one link to NM somewhere
>> NetworkManager patch is a mess. It even creates some .c.orig files
>> and yet so hard to read.
>   Blame me for the .orig files.  I'll take a look somewhen - that
> should make it a bit smaller.  If you ignore the bogus .orig files,
> it's no harder to read than any other patch that affects the
> autotools files.
>> gdm doesn't ship gdm-{start,stop,restart,safe-restart} anymore
>   Thanks
>> gnome mime data isn't really required for gnome 3.2 ...
>   If nothing references it, I'll remove it at the end.  It's on my
> list of things to question.
>> There are gnome-applets for gnome 3 too ... Why are they in old
>> desktop category?
>   Depending what time you asked this, they probably weren't - I
> merged 3.2.1 last night, they're now in the libraries in the
> Additional packages.
>> libgnomecups, libgnomeprint, liboobs and system tools backends
>> aren't required for gnome3. Yet you can move them into deprecated
>> gnome packages
>   No, see above - deprecated is for a small subset of packages.  The
> remainder of hte old packages will be removed, mostly AFTER I've
> updated newer versions and added the new packages.
>> totem-pl-parser can use libquvi for link parsing.
>   Noted
>> gnome-accessibility doesn't apply for gnome3 ...
>> Yet there are only at-spi2-atk, at-spi2-core, and orca iirc.
>   Yeah, I'm doing core/ at the moment (it's the order I created the
> diffs in) - that includes moving things from core/ to add/, and vice
> versa.  The packages that have always been in add/, or are new and
> in add/, will be done later.
>   Thanks.  I'm starting to believe that perhaps some people will use
> some of this ;)
> ĸen

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