[blfs-dev] Why is my message to this list being blocked?

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Sat Feb 11 13:40:08 PST 2012

Ken Moffat wrote:

>  Interesting.  I had been going to suggest (if I didn't already),
> half in jest, that libproxy could be dropped from the book since it
> is no longer required by the gnome packages and now uses that
> unpleasant replacement for configure.  Do you use it ?

I'll check if it is a used by anything else and if not, drop it from the 
book.  Not in jest.

>>> As for Samba and Linux PAM, xinetd will also fail to compile using
>>> glibc 2.14 or 2.15. Explicitly linking libtirpc with LDFLAGS=-ltirpc
>>> solved that problem for me.
>  Why do we still have xinetd in the book ?

Good question.  I think I'll look at dropping that too.

> No interest - I gave up on kde4 years ago, too many straws broke
> this camel's back (figuratively speaking - it was a car that did it
> in the literal sense)

I really don't have a lot of interest in KDE4 either but I may do it for 
the sake of the book.

>>> Yet gnome pre installation configuration list
>>> GNOME_SYSCONFDIR=/etc/gnome/3.2.2 even tough many packages have files
>>> that should go into /etc (Yet every sane distribution and person list
>>> only sysconfdir as /etc for every gnome package)
>  We've aregued around this in the past.  I agree with your comment
> in parenthesis, but we have people who think some of the files in
> /etc/ should be in /var/lib.  Wayne prepared GNOME_SYSCONFDIR for
> gnome-3, changing the book to /etc is not a priority for me (for the
> gnome packages).

/etc is definitely overused.  For instance bash_completion.d should be 
in /lib, if not /usr/lib.

> ĸen, wishing he hadn't volunteered to be the gnome-3 monkey ;)

I'm not a Gnome user, but I really appreciate what you are doing for the 
book.  I do understand exactly where you are coming from because there 
are a lot of packages I've done that I don't use.

   -- Bruce

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