[blfs-dev] Why is my message to this list being blocked?

Ken Moffat zarniwhoop at ntlworld.com
Sat Feb 11 09:52:57 PST 2012

On Sat, Feb 11, 2012 at 02:53:35PM +0000, Andrew Benton wrote:
> On Sat, 11 Feb 2012 15:15:00 +0100
> "Armin K." <krejzi at email.com> wrote:
[ replying more to some points in the original than to Andy's reply]
> > Now I tried again, but failed with same message from mail system. Here 
> > is original mail:
> > Hello there. I have noticed lot of commits to blfs book lately. Good
> > job team, just keep it going! I wish I could help.
> > 
> > Yet, I am unable to change anything directly, but here are few notes
> > that I've noticed when compiling some of packages.
> > 
> > Please, don't attack me with "Why must that be so in the book" or
> > something like that. I just put this here as a reference.

 Aww, c'mon, attacking people can be so much fun ;)  but seriously,
thanks for the suggestions.
> > 
> > I know what are you guys like. You like minimal stuff and so, but yet
> > not everyone is like you and not everyone is skilled enough to find
> > everything he needs for something.
> > 
> > So, let's start from the beginning of the book:
> > 
> > Linux PAM can use libtirpc if someone wants to enable NIS support.
> I install PAM but I don't use NIS so I've never installed libtirpc. I
> can check this out and update the PAM dependencies in a day or 2

 I thought NIS was more or less defunct with current glibc ?  That
is my understanding from past threads.

 I *do* install libtirpc (for NFS), but not PAM.  It's first on my
list of things to try (e.g. for gdm) once I've got the first-cut
gnome-3 into the book.  I expect some pain getting PAM working
adequately, so I'm not attempting it until then.

> > polkit does not require seperate user anymore as noted on
> > http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/blfs/view/svn/postlfs/polkit.html
> > 
> > If you look at NEWS file in polkit source dir, you can notice this one:
> > 
> > Changes since PolicyKit 0.94:
> > 
> > David Zeuthen (20):
> >       Remove POLKIT_USER from configuration summary
> > 
> > Michael Biebl (8):
> >       Remove POLKIT_USER option
> > 
> > NOTE: This is just stripped output.
> > 
> > 
> > Old PolicyKit on
> > http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/blfs/view/svn/postlfs/policykit.html is
> > dead for some time and it has became polkit, it can be safely removed
> > from the book.
> I don't install
 I haven't read the polkit changes, and understanding the
implications will take me some time.  If anyone else cares, feel
free to take this.  Otherwise, I'll maybe take a look in the spring.
> > User notes on
> > http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/blfs/view/svn/postlfs/mdadm.html point
> > to http://wiki.linuxfromscratch.org/blfs/wiki/xfs Is this correct?
> I can fix that now.
> > The glib 2.30 compile will fail if dbus is not installed. (Though it's
> > only on gdbus tests iirc)
> Yes, dbus should be listed as an optional dependency to run the tests.
> I'll fix that now.

 Pedantically, only the tests will fail ;-)  We established (two or
three weeks ago?) that none of us who are currently doing the edits
have much regard for testsuites for BLFS packages in real life.
> > 
> > colord can use libsane. You can list it as optional.
> > 

 Again, added to my 'ToDo if nobody else picks it up' list.
> > 
> > ScrollKeeper from
> > http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/blfs/view/svn/general/scrollkeeper.html
> > isn't used anymore. Rarian package provides compatibility for it. It
> > can be removed.
> I agree, can we remove scrollkeeper please?
 Sure.  Why not.
> > 
> > Besides fcron, you could add cronie from
> > https://fedorahosted.org/cronie/ which is in fact based on original
> > vixie cron but with some enhancments.
> > 

 fcron works for me - what do you get from cronie that isn't
available from fcron ?
> > 
> > DBus GObject Bindings from
> > http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/blfs/view/svn/general/dbus-bindings.html#eggdbus
> > aren't used nor developed anymore. They can be safely removed.
> Good.
 I didn't know that.
> > I note hal is still there, but yet many of software has been ported
> > from hal to gio/gvfs/gudev. Only package that I know that may use it is
> > gnome-vfs and yet hal is optional there.
> I've never used HAL and would also like to see it removed from the book.

 I didn't get as far as investigating what uses it (I regard it as
junk), but in reviewing gnome-3 it seemed to me that it was probably
obsolete.  I'd put it on my 'ask about this in the summer' list - if
it's gone, I for one will not miss it.

> > UPower can also use libimobiledevice. You can add it as optional with
> > an external link to their site.
> > 
> > 
> > gvfs 1.10 can also use libimobiledevice and libbluray libraries. You
> > can add them as optional.
> > 

 Both added to my 'ToDo if nobody else picks it up' list
> > 
> > If you install python3.2 from
> > http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/blfs/view/svn/general/python3.html
> > first, you won't get /usr/bin/python, but /usr/bin/python3 ... Symlinks
> > can be made for it to be default.
> > 
 Therein lies gentoo, or was it arch ?  I have no interest in
python3, and it's sufficiently different that I think anyone wanting
to use it should invoke it by name (if upstream no longer install it
as python).
> > 
> > Samba 3.6 will also fail to compile without libtirpc if using glibc
> > 2.14 or 2.15 ...
> > 

 No interest.
> > 
> > Avahi 0.6.28 (Why 0.28 when there is 0.6.30?) program avahi-autoipd
> > also requires seperate user avahi-autoipd with home
> > dir /var/lib/avahi-autoipd.
> > 

 I'm waiting to see what emerges from Wayne's review of this - he's
added bootscripts after I changed something based on input the other
day.  As to why 0.6.28 when 0.6.30 exists - that's easy : Wayne had
started the preparations for that version.  Personally, I have no
interest in using it at the moment.
> > 
> > In libproxy 0.4.7 WebKit 1.0 library is required, not 3.0, so it would
> > be nice if mentioned.
> > 

 Interesting.  I had been going to suggest (if I didn't already),
half in jest, that libproxy could be dropped from the book since it
is no longer required by the gnome packages and now uses that
unpleasant replacement for configure.  Do you use it ?

> > 
> > As for Samba and Linux PAM, xinetd will also fail to compile using
> > glibc 2.14 or 2.15. Explicitly linking libtirpc with LDFLAGS=-ltirpc
> > solved that problem for me.
> > 

 Why do we still have xinetd in the book ?
> > 
> > gtkmm has been updated to 3.x version, but same as for gtk 2.0 and gtk
> > 3.0, there may be need for gtkmm 3.0 and gtkmm 2.0 libraries which
> > don't conflict with each other.
> > 

 I don't understand.  gtkmm-3.2.0 is either in the book or about to
be, for gnome-3.  What will need the 2.0 version ?
> > 
> > Same for libwnck.
> > 

 Now that definitely is a gnome package, but seems to be only used
in shell fallback (i.e. for Metacity - which is what I'm using on
*my* gnome desktop because I have old video cards) and 3.2.1 is used
there.  Why do you think that using the old version is a good idea ?
> > 
> > KDE4 section is a mess. Yet even required dependencies don't have links
> > to the packages in book.
> > 

 No interest - I gave up on kde4 years ago, too many straws broke
this camel's back (figuratively speaking - it was a car that did it
in the literal sense)
> > 
> > Yet gnome pre installation configuration list
> > GNOME_SYSCONFDIR=/etc/gnome/3.2.2 even tough many packages have files
> > that should go into /etc (Yet every sane distribution and person list
> > only sysconfdir as /etc for every gnome package)
> > 

 We've aregued around this in the past.  I agree with your comment
in parenthesis, but we have people who think some of the files in
/etc/ should be in /var/lib.  Wayne prepared GNOME_SYSCONFDIR for
gnome-3, changing the book to /etc is not a priority for me (for the
gnome packages).

> > 
> > gstreamer bad plugins list kdebase dependency for kate, but yet there
> > is standalone libkate on http://code.google.com/p/libkate/ that doesn't
> > require bunch of qt3 stuff.
> > 

 I didn't know that.  To be honest, trying to work out what the hell
is going on in the various parts of gstreamer is impossible for me
(e.g. -bad appears to reference -ffmpeg and, from memory, perhaps
-good or -ugly which all sounds unlikely). Note my circumlocution
for the camera dependencies - I didn't have a problem with them
when I was ignoring most of gnome-3, but something broke by the time
I was looking at them fpr the book.  Too much else had gone into my
build by then for me to have any idea which package caused the
problem (might have been pulse, or qt4, or something totally
> > 
> > libdvdread 0.9.7 can't be used with gstreamer ugly plugins. Newer
> > version is required.packages
> Download link for newer version? I can only find an svn download from
> Mplayer

 From memory, libdvdread is one of the forked packages - it's in the
'plural zones', use whatever works for you.  I didn't notice a problem
with 4.1.3, unless it was the package that broke the camera examples.
> > PulseAudio can also optionally use libasyncns and fftw
> > 

 I've no real interest in adding this to my ToDo list - there is a
newer (1.0) version of pulse - that didn't work for me when I tried
it in a non-gnome context, and it required one extra package, so like
all of the packages from that stable I'm reluctant to touch it.
(Trying to avoid starting a straw man argument, since this is BLFS :)
> > 
> > CUPS can use Avahi's libdns-sd compatibility library for DNS-SD
> > support. Note, there are also CUPS-AVAHI patches that link against
> > avahi libraries.

 I build cups-1.5 differently from the book, so I have no interest
in these additions.

ĸen, wishing he hadn't volunteered to be the gnome-3 monkey ;)
das eine Mal als Tragödie, das andere Mal als Farce

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