[blfs-dev] Why is my message to this list being blocked?

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Sat Feb 11 08:56:59 PST 2012

Armin K. wrote:
> Yesterday I tried to send a message to blfs-dev mailing list, but I got 
> "It's awaits moderator approval - suspicious headers." I have registered 
> there nicely, mail.com server supports authentification, I tried both 
> with webmail and icedove (Debian Thunderbird), always same message. 
> What's worse than that, my message got rejected by moderator too, 
> because I don't see approval link anymore, and also it's not in the list.

The reason it got rejected is probably because of embedded html, 
although this message got through.

We get a lot of spam and I don't take the time to go through each one 
for the few legitimate posts buried in there.  If you continue to have 
problems, send me a personal email.

   -- Bruce

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