[blfs-dev] New page

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Wed Feb 8 20:57:51 PST 2012

Qrux wrote:

> New pages are great, but...How close is BLFS to getting to a 
> "release" w.r.t LFS-7.0? Just two days ago, iproute and zlib failed
> to wget. Not sure about iproute (I think it's a server error), but
> zlib updated to 1.26 and they didn't keep the old version around
> (srsly, who does that?). I had to fall back to using the LFS
> repository version (which is fine).

I've bene working on BLFS, basically full time,  ever since LFS 7.0 was 
released.  There are still lots of pages that have not been updated. 
Actually the updates come faster than we can update them.

Don't look for a x.y release.  Just check the individual pages.

WRT zlib not having old versions, there are some packages that do that. 
  I don't like it either.  That's one reason we archive them ourselves.

Besides zlib is an LFS package.

> A while ago, we discussed cutting it into...I think "Volumes" was the
> term everyone liked.  I still strongly believe there's "core"--i.e.,
> "relatively more important"--stuff.  For me, I've got:

> 	* sudo
> 	* bc
> 	* openssl
> 	* wget
> 	* <CA certs>
> 	* tcp_wrappers
> 	* sysstat
> 	* openssh
> 	* ntp
> 	* cpio (I'm an rsync nub; I'd accept rsync in place here)
> 	* hdparm
> 	* which
> 	* net-tools (I can't stand 'ip'; I prefer 'ifconfig', and so does BIND)
> 	* bonnie++

Well we all have our own list.  I don't have either sysstat or 
tcp_wrappers.  I don't even know what bonnie++ is.

> I use sudo to help me with my scripts. I use sysstat to watch disk 
> I/O (I like to keep close tabs on what--and how--my VMs are doing...I
> use this system with Xen). NTP because you have to run that on
> bare-metal, and no system should be without accurate time. hdparm
> because any (modern?) system should have lots of read-ahead. I also
> use bonnie++ to help monitor disk performance, and do benchmarks to
> make sure things are okay. I also have:

> 	* LVM2
> 	* Net::DNS (perl/cpan) for BIND testing
> 	* bind
> 	* tcl
> 	* expect
> 	* db
> 	* pcre
> 	* cyrus-sasl
> 	* postfix (but I could see any MTA being here)
> Beyond this, it gets pretty personal 

Actually, I think what you have here is pretty personal.  Much of what I 
have on my system is only to check the packages for BLFS.  I have no 
enthusiasm for a major reorganization.

   -- Bruce

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