DESTDIR for BLFS packages

Thomas Trepl thomas at
Sat Mar 26 06:33:30 PDT 2011

Hi all,

in regard to a subtopic of the discussion on possible enhancements for LFS 
focusing the LFS-7.0, just a short followup:

One of the topics was as mentioned DESTDIR-based installation. As in my 
opinion it would make more sense in the BLFS area I also started a small 
project on this a few weeks ago (totally independently of the recent 
discussion in lfs-dev which came up weeks later), but only for BLFS packages.

The idea behind that project were basically two things:
* Speedup the setup of a new system
* Discover handy mechanisms to build/install those packages

As some of you may know, years ago I allocated the domain "". This 
was at the time were the (short-term) fork of LFS named "BELFS" was active. 
That was something about 2003-2005 or so. Long time that domain held only a 
simple page saying that there is nothing to find. So I thought its time to put 
more stuff to it and last month I setup a CMS (drupal) on it and added some 
content about the DESTDIR stuff based on a newly created LFS system.

Some of early findings are that speedup is quite fine (what a surprise;-). It 
seems to be not really hard to tweak BLFS instructions that both, direct 
build/install as well as building a binary package, is possible. I've done it 
now for round about 60 packages and it seems to work fine.

So, if you are interested in that stuff, I'd like to invite you to have a 
visit to!  But don't expect too much - its quite new and of 
course quite incomplete (as I'm alone atm). And, when browsing the CVS which 
is on another machine, the performance will be a bit poor (the server is a 
800MHz fanless device on a home-DSL).

Comments and suggestions will be very welcome!

So long,

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