Variability in build times.

Uwe Düffert dueffert at
Mon Oct 18 17:18:47 PDT 2010

On Tue, 19 Oct 2010, Ken Moffat wrote:

> But, I'm only ever comparing times on the same system, and this
> package (abiword) was almost at the end of my build, so the amount
> of '/' used is almost the same (for me, /home is always a separate
> filesystem - ok, I've probably extended the usage of /var/log - and
> yes, updating the browser cache involves head movement, but such a
> large variation ?
No, that does not sound reasonable. Does that only happen with abiword or 
are there other examples (worth mentioning)?

> With respect, if we *have to* use SSDs then most of us won't be
> able to edit the book
Well, it was just an idea in case HD would be the reason. And even then it 
would only be needed for build times. So far we do not even have any prove 
for that. Thats why we a running tests right now...

>> If HD turns out not to be the problem: what about those modern processors
>> that overclock some cores automatically? That might easily be influenced
>> by running *something* in the background that keeps yet another core
>> active and prevents the package building core(s) from overclocking...
> Modern processors ?  Multiple cores ?  I'm using single-processors
> from somewhere between 4 and 5 years ago ;)
May be thats the reason: What about throtteling because of high 
temperature? Or running *something* in the background forcing task 


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