Xorg Fonts page - Make symlinks note

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Sun Oct 17 09:37:02 PDT 2010

On 10/17/10, DJ Lucas <dj at linuxfromscratch.org> wrote:

> ... any additional
> suggestions as to layout ect?  Specific examples like the above are very
> helpful.

It seems xorg-server (ex: 1.7.1) defaults the built in fonts path to $XORG_PRE
FIX/lib/X11/fonts which does not match the default font installation path of $XO
The resulting setup requires an xorg.conf file to overcome the discrepancy.

... this is from xorg-server-1.7.1 configure
# --with-fontdir=FONTDIR  Path to top level dir where fonts are installed
#                         (default: ${libdir}/X11/fonts)
# Check whether --with-fontdir was given.
# if test "${with_fontdir+set}" = set; then
#   withval=$with_fontdir;  FONTDIR="$withval"
# else
#    FONTDIR="${libdir}/X11/fonts"
# fi

An easy way to help xorg-server use the same font paths for builtin path as the
font installers might be like:

      # Need any help getting built in font dirs right?
      t=$(pkg-config --variable=fontrootdir fontutil)
      EXTRA_CONFIG="${EXTRA_CONFIG} --with-fontdir=$t"

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