would a package like blender be welcome?

Nathan Coulson conathan at gmail.com
Mon Oct 11 10:20:46 PDT 2010

I was wondering if the BLFS book would welcome a page for the Blender
package, this is not a complete list, but I skimmed it from the
INSTALL file [python, libjpeg, libpng, zlib, openal, sdl, gettext.
freetype2, ftgl].

I have done most of the building legwork (builds w/ a few patches,
albet I disabled a few features I'll never use to bypass some
compilation failures), but I could do the rest of the work if this is
a valid candidate.

Nathan Coulson (conathan)
Location: Brittish Columbia, Canada
Timezone: PST (-8)
Webpage: http://www.nathancoulson.com

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