X-windows encodings directory (bug/nitpik)

linux fan linuxscratch at gmail.com
Wed Oct 6 21:26:59 PDT 2010

encodings puts encodings directory in ${prefix}/share/fonts/X11 in all
cases except for the completely unguessable --with-encodingsdir.

It is supposed to first honor --with-fontrootdir.
In the abscence of that, it is supposed to honor
`$PKG_CONFIG --variable=fontrootdir fontutil`.

But that is short circuited because of a variable enclosed in single
quotes, so a sed is needed to fix:
sed -i -e "\,ENCODINGSDIR=, s,',\",g" configure

In any case, since encodings consults fontutil.pc, encodings should
follow, and not precede font-util in the wget list.

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