UPower with GNOME 2.32

Duncan Baynes duncan.baynes at operand.com.au
Sun Oct 3 14:46:52 PDT 2010

Is anyone having problems getting upower to compile when building GNOME

I'm getting the following error:

make[2]: Entering directory `/usr/src/UPower-0.9.1/libupower-glib'
  CC     libupower_glib_la-up-types.lo
  CC     libupower_glib_la-up-client.lo
  CC     libupower_glib_la-up-wakeups.lo
  CC     libupower_glib_la-up-qos-item.lo
  CC     libupower_glib_la-up-wakeup-item.lo
  CC     libupower_glib_la-up-stats-item.lo
  CC     libupower_glib_la-up-history-item.lo
  CC     libupower_glib_la-up-device.lo
  CCLD   libupower-glib.la
  GISCAN UPowerGlib-1.0.gir
Namespace is empty; likely causes are:
* Not including .h files to be scanned
* Broken --identifier-prefix

make[2]: *** [UPowerGlib-1.0.gir] Error 1



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