KDE-4.5.1 Anybody interested in helping?

Thomas Trepl thomas at equinox.homelinux.org
Fri Oct 1 09:26:15 PDT 2010


long time i was very disappointed about KDE4. Unstable, less functionality and 
blah and blah and all the well known stuff which is said against KDE4.

In the meanwhile (at least with the KDE-4.5.x series), i changed my mind and i 
now use it as my primary desktop and i do not really miss KDE3. So I would 
like to help out if i can to get KDE4 into the book. This would open the door 
for others like K3B and Digikam - they now rely on KDE4 and are no longer 
maintained in their KDE3-versions.

One issue with KDE4 (at least for me)  is kdesupport. There are many packages 
duplicated into that "package" which are prerequisites to KDE. But it is not 
included in the release cycle which means there is no kdesupport-4.5.1.tar.bz2 
for example. This has to be created be using svn checkout by ourself. There is 
qca, oxygene-icons, akonadi included but this packages are also available as 
standalones. How to figure out what should be used? I did it as best guess.

While the dependecy-chain of pysip, qzion, eet, qedje is optional, it isnt so 
dramatic to me that i didnt succeed in compiling qedje...

I attached a script i use to (re)build KDE. There are rudimentary comments 
about which package is needed by which. The referenced script named blfs.sh is 
a tool which simply compiles and installes the package whos name is passed to 
it as a parameter (when name is starting which %, the name is a group of 
packages).  Its my "package manager" ;-)   If you want me to, i can post the 
referenced scripts too.
So maybe the attachment can be used to get an idea what will crawl out when 
you start lifting the KDE4 stone... Note that it will not build a 100%-
complete KDE, NetworkManager is missing.

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