Update to pixman?

Randy McMurchy randy at linuxfromscratch.org
Thu Nov 18 16:37:23 PST 2010

Nathan Coulson wrote these words on 11/18/10 18:24 CST:
> I have been using 0.20.0 myself, (new stable branch).  nothing
> notable, but I am not a serious GUI user.  Been using it since release
> though (1-2 months ago?)

Thanks for the swift reply, Nathan. I suppose what matters is that
you are using pixman-0.20.0 with the Xorg versions listed in the book.
If that is that case, I feel good about the update. Unfortunately, I
don't even know if pixman is involved at all with the GTK+ project.

I have been out of the BLFS loop for so long (I have tried to read
every message, however), I have been going on what DJ and Dan
recommend on the Xorg side. Both have been good about replying to my
recent posts, so we'll see what input they have.

Again, thanks Nathan.


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