qpopper - drop it ?

Ken Moffat ken at linuxfromscratch.org
Tue Nov 9 12:27:14 PST 2010

 I'm looking at some of the less commonly used packages in BLFS (for
openssl-1.0.0a), of which I think qpopper is one.  At some point in
the not-so-recent past, glibc (2.10.1, apparently - May 2009 )
started defining getline unconditionally (I thought it added it, but
a debian bug report says it used to be defined only with
-DNU_SOURCE and it doesn't really matter).  Since then, most packages
have been fixed.  My belief is that any package defining its own
version of getline will fail.

 Trying to build qpopper-4.0.9 (and the latest stable 4.0.18) I hit
this problem.   I can't find any references to qpopper on blfs-support
after 2006, so if anyone can confirm that it FTBFS (fails to build
from source) I think we should just drop it from the book!

 Looking at debian, there is a 'debian patch' (careful choice of words
there - it creates a patch somewhere in the debian/ directory) which
*could* probably be used to fix this.  But if nobody uses the
package, I can't see the point.

 Can someone confirm that it fails to build, please, or else say
that I'm wrong and it *does* build for them ?

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