Discussion about a new BLFS release

Robert Xu robxu9 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 4 09:00:05 PDT 2010

On Thu, Nov 4, 2010 at 09:57, Randy McMurchy <randy at linuxfromscratch.org> wrote:
> Sections 26-28: KDE
> Not even a clue what to do here. The book version is a more than two
> year old desktop that I don't even know if anyone has been following for
> security patches. Nobody likes CMake and KDE4.x (well, not really nobody,
> but there has been no book development towards it), so what to do?

You know, I said I was going to put Trinity stuff for KDE, and I still
stand by it.
However, since I have absolutely no clue how to work the XML files
(and it'd make me lazy, lol), I'll throw everything into text files
and attach it.

For trinity, however, I'm going to require an old version of Autoconf, 2.63.
I can also post build directions for that (in /opt) when I get to that.

I need to find time >_< I'm up to my neck in work so much, it's not funny.

> Sections 29-30: GNOME
> We are fairly current, but if 6 months goes by without a BLFS release,
> it would be considered an old desktop. We are at 2.30.2, 2.32 has
> already been released and in 6 months 3.0 will have been released.

Keep 3.0 seperate from 2.32 when you update them. 3.0 is radically different.

> Sections 31-34:
> These programs and applications are mostly current, some need to be
> updated (GnuCash?), but overall we are not in bad shape. Ken has done
> a lot of work here (thanks!)

Should we consider LibreOffice?

> The rest of the book is fairly current with a few exceptions. I will
> handle the update from TeTeX to TeX-Live (from source, not a binary
> installation).
> Hopefully, those that read through this synopsis of the state of BLFS
> can give suggestions on what really needs to be done, as I was guessing
> on much of what is written above.
> --
> Randy
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later, Robert Xu

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