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Mon Nov 1 00:55:48 PDT 2010

I am unsure if anyone has been keeping an eye on this package as it is really a require package if you will be using nfs at all in your system. The version that currently is in blfs is 1.1.4 which at this point is over 2 years old and now with the current version of LFS using a diffrent glibc no longer builds cleanly. I understand that blfs does not always match up with the current version of LFS but soon this pacakge will need to be updated in order to continue to be availiable.   One of the issues with the newer build of this has diffrent requirements for dependancies then the old version. 

I was not sure if this had come up before or not, but I did search this mailing list as far as the message I have recived and did not see anything there. What I am wondering is if there were any plans to update this package or if anyone had built one of the newer builds and had sorted all the depenancies out yet? I have a current LFS install and have yet to be able to get NFS working due to this pacakge not wanting to build with that toolchain and the newer one requesting dependancies that I am not sure where to locate. 

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