KDE 3.5.11?

DJ Lucas dj at linuxfromscratch.org
Sat Jul 31 20:16:50 PDT 2010

On 06/14/2010 08:56 PM, Robert Xu wrote:
> Hi all,
> I know we ended the discussion about keeping KDE 3.5.10 a long time ago, but
> I just heard about some unofficial KDE 3.5 branch, called KDE Trinity.
> They've released
> a 3.5.11 of KDE 3, and I think they're trying to port it to use Qt4.
> Is it possible that we could
> update our KDE to their KDE 3.5.11? maybe? Or should we just stick
> with what we have?

Robert, sorry for the late reply.  Does KDE 3.5.10 still build
correctly?  I was hoping we still had a few KDE3 fans about to speak up.
 I don't believe anybody has plans to put KDE-4.x into the book ATM.  If
you (or anybody else) would like to put in the leg work to getting the
book to use Trinity, I'll be happy to build, test, and commit it rather
than ditching KDE all together.  I'd rather like to see KDE-4, but I
really just don't have the time or energy to figure out cmake and
friends and there just doesn't seem to be any interest from anyone,
editor or contributors, in putting it into the book.  Eventually, I'll
have to learn at least cmake as some projects will want it soon enough.

A couple of things regarding the book commits for whoever (if anyone)
would like to take it on:

1.  Start with a wiki page, or with a custom copy of the book, we can
host it or you can, try to keep it synced with current as best you can.

2.  You need to be sure that there is an informational page explaining
that Trinity is not KDE, and is in no way related to KDE beyond that
KDE-3.5.10 is the base from which Trinity was created.  Bug reports go
to Trinity, not to KDE.org.

3.  The informational page should mention that translations are known to
be out of date and that only English is officially supported, unless
this has changed since I last looked (which was a couple of months ago).

4.  Whoever takes it on will learn what it is like to account for *all*
optional dependencies.  This is not a fun task, and with KDE, I'd
imagine at least 5 or 6 full builds from a base system.  Use some form
of snapshot and the /opt prefix for easy testing.

5.  Figure out if there is a way to separate it back into the original
15 logical packages (or whatever it was).

6.  We should host the downloads on our mirrors as it took something
like 8 hours to download a 600MB file from the current host.

I hope that they eventually get that into Alioth, or some sort of host
to that effect, and split back into meta packages (assuming that there
is still some interest).

-- DJ Lucas

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