gnome-2.30 *long* (Was Re: /opt prefix (Was: Re: BLFS - Target 6.5 or SVN?))

Ken Moffat zarniwhoop73 at
Sun Jul 11 09:28:13 PDT 2010

On 11 July 2010 08:22, DJ Lucas <dj at> wrote:
> In one of the packages that wouldn't build for me, one of a newer
> dependency needed cmake, might have been webkit..not sure.
 No, say it ain't so!  Please.

 /me sobs at the thought of having to use that 'we'll pretend nothing
ever existed, particularly autofoo, and just do it our own way" build
system agai.

ĸen, who has foresworn one or two interesting packages
*because* they use cmake, and is meanwhile happily using
webkit-1.2.0 (cmmi, --enable-introspection).
After tragedy, and farce, "OMG poneys!"

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