gnome-2.30 *long* (Was Re: /opt prefix (Was: Re: BLFS - Target 6.5 or SVN?))

DJ Lucas dj at
Sat Jul 10 21:46:26 PDT 2010

On 07/03/2010 08:18 PM, Ken Moffat wrote:
>   Not much to share yet (epiphany claims to save passwords now, like
> it used to with gecko, but logging on to this other machine tonight I'm
> not convinced - I had to put in my username and password for
> googlemail, and saved it, but I'm fairly sure I'd done that before.  Not
> a showstopper, but maybe I'm missing something else).
>   Anyway, epiphany needs introspection now - I ended up rebuilding
> e.g. pango, cairo, atk after I'd added introspection.  Also needed to
> build gir for Soup-2.4.gir (everything else could be persuaded to
> build gir files, so for gir I_only_  install Soup.).  I remember that
> webkit needed to be recompiled with --enable-introspection.

Well, fairly complete build expect Epiphany, Ekegia, and accessibility. 
  Nothing real challenging encountered, a couple of flyby notes below.

Having difficulty with webkit.  Unfortunately, I don't have the error 
ATM.  Figured I'd get to it later as I don't really need Epiphany.

Ekegia would not build without avahi.

GDM still needs the patch and symlinks.

libdv does not build if X is not in /usr, then it doesn't build because 
of an incorrect function in Xv (I assume it's just too old)...I don't 
need it, so omitted.

clutter needs patch if X is not in /usr.

gvfs still needs giomodulesdir patch.

GSD no longer needs patch or massage to find whatever was broken that 
has slipped my mind when gnome is not system installed (patch accepted 

Though I'm forging ahead and using it, thunderbird-3.1 has been very 
unstable and causes X to lock up.  Haven't investigated just yet, but 
will probably omit gio, or drop back to 3.0.4.  Still can't use system 
xul even though it is 1.9.2.

DeviceKit-Disks and DeviceKit-power have been replaced by udisks and 
upower respectively.

built the whole stack without GTK-Doc installed.  AFAIK, everything is 
pre-built anyway, no need to rebuild.

libffi can be provided by gcc with java (which I did).

Like I said, nothing real challenging at all.  Will post a list of 
packages, versions, and in build order in my homedir in a few 
moments..say .

-- DJ Lucas

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