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DJ Lucas dj at linuxfromscratch.org
Sat Jul 3 14:18:14 PDT 2010

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On 07/03/2010 09:24 AM, Ken Moffat wrote:
> On 26 June 2010 23:03, Ken Moffat <zarniwhoop73 at googlemail.com> wrote:
>>  I've got a 6.6 system that I was intending to keep as a sort of "long term
>> support" version (because it uses a long-term stable kernel), but I'm going
>> to have to rebuild that because I can't seem to get html5 working on
>> youtube with midori on gnome-2.28 [ and I just drop everything into /usr on
>> my own builds - that might be about to change :) ]
>  In future, I will avoid /opt as a matter of sanity, and leave it for
> those people who persist in installing binary software. I've used
> parts of gnome2 across at least 10 versions, and this is the first
> time that I've seen enough benefit from a newer version to want
> to upgrade an older system, so for me /usr  it is.

I will continue to deal with building in /opt for Xorg, Gnome, JDK, and
also KDE and OpenOffice (if I ever get around to them).  Xorg hasn't
been much of an issue, and we had almost all of the Gnome stuff fixed. I
was watching when I could and am fairly sure that Wayne's updates had
all of the issues covered for an /opt build of Gnome...assuming that you
follow the book to the letter.  I am working my way through a new 32bit
build right now and will validate just because it's time for a new
build, though I'm probably going to use 2.30.2 (so probably little
value).  At some point, I'm going to have to jump to a 64 bit build.
I'm also not gonna jump on Gnome 3.x right at release, it can incubate
for a tiny releases or two I think.  There will also be many other
package updates along the way.  Anybody have notes to share on 2.30 so

BTW, Ken, thanks for the IceWeasel mention the other day, I actually
hadn't heard of it before now.  Gonna give IceWeasel and IceDove a shot
on this build.  Do symlinked .pc files do the trick for packages looking
for FireFox?  I'd imagine that they would, but having not tried them yet...

- -- DJ Lucas
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