A git test drive

Aleksandar Kuktin akuktin at gmail.com
Tue Dec 7 11:31:54 PST 2010

>On Thu, 28 Oct 2010 13:30:43 -0400
>linux fan <linuxscratch at gmail.com> wrote:
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> I lied!
> It took way more time, because setting up to use git svn required some
> extreme hoop jumping. It was not the performance of the setup that
> took so long; it was following the paths of misdirection.
> I. git-svn is not necessary unless one wants to try it.
> II. git-svn wishes to find SVN::Core (aha, a perl module [right?])
> III. Search leads to Alien-SVN (aha, that must be [isn't it?])
> IV. Fails unless
>      A. sqlite configured with --enable-threadsafe
>      B. installed http://cblfs.cross-lfs.org/index.php/APR
>      C. installed http://cblfs.cross-lfs.org/index.php/APR-util
>      D. In lieu of B., C., you can (messy) unpack B. and C.
>         in a specific place (wherever) within Alien-bla-bla
>         but must make symlink apr to apr-unpacked-tardir
>         and ditto for apr-util.
>      E. Alien-bla-bla has less than zero documentation what
>         you are supposed to do.
>         1. Build.PL; ./build; ./build test; ./build install
>         2. Maybe you didn't want some of that junk going into perl.
>         3. It's older subversion libs.
> V. Alien-SVN actually amounts to installing an old subversion with
>     swig-pl into perl, but
>     A. when I delete source directory failure due to
>        1. some of libs linkered to source directory (deleted)
>     B. Undo III., IV., and V.
> VI. Subversion with swig-pl by the book is much easier than Alien-SVN.
>    A. install http://cblfs.cross-lfs.org/index.php/SWIG
>    B. Subversion has reasons that the perl module is not cpan ready.
> VII. Now it is cooking.

I'm a bit confused.
Point VI. Does it mean you build Subversion, somehow including
swig-pl in the process and ending with Perl bindings for Subversion

How does one do that?

-Aleksandar Kuktin

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