Another GConf question

Randy McMurchy randy at
Sat Dec 4 16:40:14 PST 2010

DJ Lucas wrote these words on 12/04/10 12:39 CST:
> On 12/04/2010 10:23 AM, Randy McMurchy wrote:
>> I meant to add this question to the previous email and forgot so here
>> goes. If ${GNOME_PREFIX} is not /usr, the following file is created:
>> /opt/gnome/share/sgml/gconf/gconf-1.0.dtd
>> Though there is no catalog file associated with this dtd, does the system
>> /etc/sgml/catalog need to be updated to reflect this file, or will GConf
>> know to look in the alternate prefix when it needs this dtd file?
> Randy, I don't know about this particular one as I don't rebuild
> documentation, however, there are some issues if not installing in /usr.

Are you certain that the gconf-1.0.dtd has anything at all to do with
rebuilding documentation? I thought GConf was a mechanism for maintaining
a configuration database, and the DTD was used to ensure all the entries
in the database use consistent syntax. I just wondered if somehow GConf
used the system-wide /etc/sgml and /usr/share/sgml stuff and because the
installed DTD file is not mentioned in either of those places, I was curious
if GConf was able to use it.

It probably doesn't need to relate at all with /etc/sgml or /usr/share/sgml
because I've never had an issue with GConf complaining that it could not
update the database when it wanted to. I was just curious.


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