GNOME_PREFIX Issue: glib and gvfs

Lars Bamberger maillist at
Fri Aug 27 14:19:59 PDT 2010


Finally I was able to fix a problem that's been bugging me for a long time:

If GNOME_PREFIX is anything other than /usr,
nautilus will not be able to handle fancy locations like computer:///,
network:/// or trash:/// due to a problem with gvfs. This is because
glib installs gio modules in /usr/lib/gio/modules and gvfs installs them
into $GNOME_PREFIX/lib/gio/modules.

I moved put all files into /usr/lib/gio/modules, merged the two
cachefiles and put a symlink from $GNOME_PREFIX/lib/gio/modules to

gvfs installs the gio modules ${exec_prefix}/lib/gio/modules, so we
can't simply change the exec_prefix, as this would also move other files
out of GNOME_PREFIX and into /usr.

What would be the best way to address this issue? Hack glib, hack gvfs,
put instructions into the book, drop support for arbitrary GNOME_PREFIXes?


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