Package titles

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at
Mon Aug 23 08:31:07 PDT 2010

Wayne Blaszczyk wrote:

> Bruce,
> I have always been confused  on what style should be use for the title.
> In the template.xml file there is mention of 'Use Title Case in All
> Titles....'. 

Well, I probably write that a long time ago.  New experience has made me 
think a little differently now.

> I've always tried to match as close as possible to the
> tarball file names with new packages introduced. The ones with Caps and
> spaces were existing names before I joined here, so I just left them as
> they were.

I understand.  I wasn't criticizing you.  It was just a request.

> If no one has any objections, I can change them to all lowercase on the
> 'next run' or when I have a bit of spare time. (Your suggestion would be
> my preference as well on how titles should be styled.).

That's fine.  Thanks.

   -- Bruce

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