Package titles

Wayne Blaszczyk wblaszcz at
Mon Aug 23 01:33:33 PDT 2010

On 23/08/10 03:36, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> Wayne,
>    I'm updating the mirrors and sometimes have problems finding a 
> package.  It would really help if you change the titles of packages to 
> match the file names when possible.  For instance, the package 
> evolution-data-server- has the title Evolution Data 
> Server.  The difference in capitalization and spaces instead of dashes 
> makes it difficult for me to find the package in the table of contents.
> We are not very consistent. For instance, this is what is in the TOC.
> gcalctool-5.30.2
> GConf Editor-2.30.0
> GDM-2.30.2
> gedit-2.30.3
> gnome-disk-utility-2.30.1
> GNOME Games-2.30.2
> It would be more consistent and easier for me if the titles were:
> gcalctool-5.30.2
> gconf-editor-2.30.0
> gdm-2.30.2
> gedit-2.30.3
> gnome-disk-utility-2.30.1
> gnome-games-2.30.2
>    -- Bruce
I have always been confused  on what style should be use for the title.
In the template.xml file there is mention of 'Use Title Case in All
Titles....'. I've always tried to match as close as possible to the
tarball file names with new packages introduced. The ones with Caps and
spaces were existing names before I joined here, so I just left them as
they were.
If no one has any objections, I can change them to all lowercase on the
'next run' or when I have a bit of spare time. (Your suggestion would be
my preference as well on how titles should be styled.).

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